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Seafood Boil

Join us around the kettle and enjoy one of our specialty made-to-order seafood boils composed by our culinary team.

Paddlefish Holiday Cooking Class Hosted by Executive Chef Steve Richard

Paddlefish Holiday Cooking Class Hosted by Executive Chef Steve Richard

The Paddlefish Holiday Cooking Class was hosted by Executive Chef Steve Richard at Disney Springs. Christmas is in the air at Paddlefish. Executive Chef Steve Richard hosted a beautiful cooking class that was a great reminder of what is important this time of year – food, family & friends.

The cooking class took place on the third deck in a room fit for foodies, and we even got our own recipes. The courses were focused on foods that needed to be cooked slow. Or as Chef liked to say “if you don’t give them love, they won’t love you back.” Stations were set, the smell of garlic was in the air, and my glass of Chardonnay had been poured. It was time to watch the master cook!

I will say I am a good cook, but I have never been brave enough to cook risotto. Chef Richard really took great care in explaining what will make and break your risotto. I feel like now I have the courage to conquer risotto at home! Let’s not forget that it was the best risotto I have EVER eaten.

The care Executive Chef Steve Richard took in the recipe notes is incredible. This is how you can tell someone really appreciates and loves what they do. I could watch him braise all day. Then, the servers brought out our plates… my jaw hit the floor. Heaven on a plate, just divine!

Surprising us all, he taught us how to create leftover magic with the braised short ribs. He whipped up this incredible braised short rib ragu in all of five minutes?!

Using the famous Paddlefish rolls, he created the most scrumptious apple bread pudding. With the caramel drizzle and scoop of vanilla ice cream, I scraped every bite I could out of the mini cast iron skillet.

Why did it have to end?! It is true what they say “time flies when you are having fun.” Executive Chef Steven Richard was personable, open to all questions, and just so welcoming. Thank you again to Paddlefish for inviting Chip and Co. to this festive foodie holiday cooking class. To find out more information about upcoming events and make reservations, click here.

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