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Review: Sunday Brunch at Paddlefish

Review: Sunday Brunch at Paddlefish

I recently had the pleasure of having Sunday Brunch at Paddlefish in Disney Springs. Eating here has been high on my bucket list since the change over from Fultons. I had no idea they offered brunch and today was the perfect day for it! Before we dive into our entrees we opted for a couple of appetizers for the table. I heard stories about the Lobster Guacamole and Chips. They prepare it table side and I heard the chips were to die for… Since we had 2 people with shellfish allergies they are nice enough to make 2 appetizers for us, one with the lobster for me and one with out for the girls. They make the chips in house and sprinkle them with tajin, that is the spice everyone is going crazy for and putting on their Dole Whips. Holy cow they were soooooo good!!! Honestly I could go there and get an Admirals Punch (seen above) and the Chips and Lobster Guac and just call it a day.

I would be happy as a clam sitting on the 3rd floor of the restaurant with my chips and drink, but if I did that I would miss out on these… Fried Green Tomatoes! I am not a huge tomato person, and honestly have never tried green ones to boot, but no lie these fried green tomatoes with queso fresco have to be the best things I have ever put in my mouth. We all had one tomato and all of us wanted more. They need to make this an entree item they were that good…

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